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together until the end

The Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) has left individuals, governments, businesses, health facilities, financial institutions,
security and other goods and services suppliers in a rather devastating state globally. While we are on a 21-day nationwide

lockdown to end the rapid spread of Covid-19, we also note the importance of providing sufficient support to those who have contracted the virus.


The Helen Joseph Hospital has a frontline task team that is currently managing Covid-19 patients. Due to the pressure of ensuring that patients receive the necessary medical attention required, the team has tirelessly remained on their toes with limited food and water intake since the outbreak of Covid-19. In response to the fight against Covid-19, Moipone Group Investments and Aqua Air have joined forces to support our heroes. We have committed to donating atmospheric drinking water to the Helen Joseph Hospital frontline task team as they continue to serve the nation. We salute their workmanship and dedication as the country fights against the virus. We have committed to delivering bottled water on a weekly basis to the hospital, while following all preventative measures in order to protect our heroes and our team.

We trust in the leadership of our government and salute those who have sacrificed for the better of our nation during this period.  We will continue to support Covid-19 relief centres until the end of this
distressing period.

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