About Us

Vision: To lead the world out of its water shortage crisis

Aqua Air Africa (Pty) Ltd is an atmospheric water generation technology company that produces clean and safe drinking water from the atmosphere.

We are committed to restoring our people’s dignity by providing them with clean, sustainable and mineral-enriched water solutions that cater to their everyday needs.

To de-classify pure drinking water by working with government and NGOs in providing drought, disaster-stricken areas and vulnerable people with safe and mineral-rich drinking water.


We provide atmospheric water through large atmospheric water generating units to areas with limited access to safe drinking water. Our industrial and commercial units meet water needs of communities and organisations on a larger scale. This includes communities without access to drinking water from municipal pipes, organisations operating in isolated areas, and disastrous areas with unsafe drinking water.


Eco-friendly word class technology that offers a superlative condensation process,

micro-organisms filtration, and UV sterilisation for pure and healthy water.

We remain committed to inspiring and empowering the community through various initiatives including independent water distribution, employment opportunities and CSI.

We are trusted to deliver exceptional service and a superior combination of safe, compliant and premium water at an affordable price.

958 Francis Baard St.

Arcadia, Pretoria,

South Africa

ERF 250, Third St.,

Ga-Rankuwa Industrial


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 7h30 - 16h30

Customer Service

T: +27 87 231 7565

Toll-Free : 012 004 1284

E: hello@aquaair.co.za

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